Synthetic vs Tobacco Derived Nicotine

Vapers who do not believe in the dangers of nicotine or who downplay it now have another choice to make: synthetic vs natural nicotine. Which is better for them? Where does synthetic nicotine come from?

You might have wondered where the nicotine for e liquid comes from since numerous brands are tobacco-free and don’t contain any tobacco-related extracts. Here is what some members of the industry have to say.

What is Synthetic Nicotine?

As far as chemists, e liquid manufacturers, and other professionals are concerned, there is no such thing as a “good” synthetic alternative to nicotine for use in e liquids at this time. Synthetic blends exist. Their purpose, however, is for use as bug spray. Ingredients used to make it are not suitable for human consumption and it’s more expensive to manufacture nicotine rather than extracting it from natural sources anyway.

What is Tobacco Derived Nicotine

This is literally nicotine extracted from tobacco plants. Sometimes an authentic tobacco-flavored e liquid contains at least some nicotine because of the use of NET (naturally extracted tobacco) in the making of e liquid. Often, where NET is used, the mixologist has extracted it in-house. You can be sure e liquid companies are only using natural sources of nicotine, but not all of these come from tobacco.

What are the Alternatives?

Many plants related to tobacco contain nicotine. You wouldn’t want to transfer the flavor of a tomato plant to an e liquid style, though, so all an e juice company needs is the nicotine. US-sourced nicotine is sold in large bottles to retail DIY e juice blenders and in wholesale quantities to e-juice professionals.

Extracting Nicotine from Tobacco

Obtaining the nicotine from tobacco leaves is actually something a person can do from home, but there are risks and patience is required. One method is alcohol extraction. Another, more natural method is using distilled water. Chemicals are sometimes used but your primary concern is what is in the tobacco to start with. Is it organic? How was it grown? Was it treated with any toxins? If you can buy certified organic nicotine, that is the safest source for your e juice.


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