What Temperature To Vape Kanger Ni200 SSOCC Coils?

This is a great question, since they do not specify this anywhere that we have seen. The only suggested parameters for using their Nickel coils are wattage ranges that are stamped on the atomizer coil heads that come with kits or in coil replacement packs.

But considering the warning that is posted on their page, it would seem you’d want to be sure you vape in the correct temperature anyways, logically speaking:

Nickel Warning

Joyetech has a very specific temperature range that they suggest with their Nickel coils, 500-550 degrees fahrenheit for their 0.2, and 450-500 degrees fahrenheit for the 0.25, and so it would make sense that the Kanger coils would fall within that range, yet the Kanger coils are 0.15, so it isn’t a perfect comparison.

Kanger does specify that the SSOCC coils should be used at 25-45 watts on their website.

Then again, the coil itself says 15-50 watts, and so that is already confusing:

Kanger NEBOX 0.15 Coil

From the info we have, and what we have read around, it would seem the range is around 450-550 for this coil. Since they only specify the wattage, that may be the most important element with a Kanger Nickel coil.

One Reddit user on this topic suggests starting in the low 400’s, and others talk about higher temps.

If you found any information on this, leave us a comment.

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