Madvapes EGo RBC

Madvapes makes its own version of an RBC or Redux style bottom coil clearomizer which is similar to the Redux by Smok or a Joyetech eGo. The original Smok Redux costs between $4.50 and $6 without a battery, comes in various colors, and has replaceable parts like the mouthpiece and heads.

Madvapes eGo RBC KitThe Madvapes eGo RBC Kit

At the Madvapes website an eGo RBC with a 900mAh battery and charger costs $18.50. It is a colorless budget-version of the one above: a bottom coil clearomizer.

MV’s version is made with a molded drip tip: that is, you cannot remove it. The whole tank is one piece, so if you don’t like the tip, too bad.

This removes the issue of leakage, but leads to the inconvenience of not being able to apply a mouthpiece you like better. Maybe a version you prefer is softer for instance. Add juice from the bottom which, according to MV, means you enjoy warmer vapor.

Reports from Customers about the Madvapes eGo RBC Kit

Impressions of this product are influenced by expectations. This item is cheap because it is cheaply made, not as sturdy as the original. The tank is not meant to last a long time but to be used for a few months at best and then thrown away if you don’t crack it first by filling it with acidic nicotine juice.

By then your battery might be dead too, in which case you can replace the whole kit cheaply (and obtain an extra USB charger), or graduate to the next level of vaping products.

Customers who see their purchase as a budget item and accept the RBC tank for what it is have no objections to throwing it out after a little while, or to any inconveniences with mouthpieces. The people who compare this with a Smok RBC or to a Joyetech product are a bit disappointed, perhaps having believed the only difference was that the MV item lacked a brand name.

We have a few authentic Smoktech products, including their version of this, and we can’t tell the difference, it looks and performs the same, and think this is an excellent choice for the price!

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