The Research Findings By Agritek Holdings Inc. On E Cigs

Agritek Holdings Inc. is a relatively young business devoted to helping medical marijuana companies find their footing and become successful. They do not grow marijuana but specialize in making vaporizers and managing real estate for the industry among other things. Agritek refers to their industry as “Compassionate Care Technology” although they also support recreational consumption of marijuana. One of their subsidiaries is MontBlunt, an e cig and e-liquid company.

Unlikely Ally

The findings quoted by Agritek come from the American Medical Association (AMA). With the positive opinion of this respected group, vaping gains a measure of credibility which is important to their cause.

New Research Regarding E Cigarettes

Recent study has given Agritek and other companies in the e cigarette industry a boost since it suggests e cigs might help smokers end their battle with the dreaded cigarette. Discoveries point to the efficacy of e cigs as smoking cessation devices, although it is still not legal to refer to them or advertise them for this purpose. The industry is still under tremendous scrutiny and until e cig manufacturers, e-liquid companies, and all related industries are fully regulated and evaluated, no such claims can be safely or ethically made.

But, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence already in place telling the general public that nothing is quite as effective at ending a person’s smoking habit as introducing him to electronic cigarettes. If that is so, why is there so much fuss?

The FDA, WHO, governments, and various health organizations are treating e cigs with caution, not banning their use in public places for instance but allowing business owners to choose whether indoor vaping is permitted. Why is this caution deemed necessary?

E cigs have been found to emit toxins which second-hand vapers unwittingly inhale. Levels of these toxins are considerably lower than those created by smokers, but that is not the same thing as saying an e cigarette or the vapor it produces is non-toxic. Relative values are important to smokers who are clearly doing themselves a favor by switching, but non-smokers could be in an unacceptable position.

Attitudes are Risky

Another risk comes from the attitudes of vapers and their friends. If they see e cigs as harmless, then they are inadvertently prone to exposing themselves, friends, and relatives to something they never knew to be poisonous. WHO, the FDA, and other groups are pushing for studies and public education like that which teaches children and adults why they should not smoke.

The result might be that the vaping could become more acceptable to the general public, especially when they realize that thousands of smokers who switched to vapor were able to regain their health and cheat death as a result of this new technology. This is where the American Medical Association is coming from.


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