Upcoming Evolv DNA 200

When you’re asked to name a microchip or control board for a variable watt mod, which brand do you think of first? Two obvious names come to mind: Yihi and Evolv, the latter of which blazed a trail for modders who wanted to make their own vaporizers but also spawned a series of excellent products for use by experienced vapers. In recent months, though, Evolv has been criticized for not keeping up with the pace set by Yihi. That’s about to change with their DNA 200.

evolv dna 200 logoEvolv DNA 200 Specs

What will this new PCB be able to do?

It will manage everything that the DNA 40 has been capable of but within a higher wattage and voltage range. It will cope with 0.1-ohm atomizers using temperature-sensitive wire, 0.2 ohms with Kanthal.

The DNA 200 will provide protection against over-heating, against a weak battery, low resistance, and more. There will be stealth mode, the ability to lock modes, and a 0.91″ OLED screen that’s easy to read. To get a sense of this size, compare the DNA 200 screen with the one on a Madvapes Bellow: 0.66″. If that was reasonably clear, you will be thrilled by the even better visibility of any DNA 200 device.

Buttons on associated products will also be waterproof. It’s not every day someone tries to go swimming or even wading with his VW mod in one hand, but even a little bit of water sprayed from a garden hose or directed at grandpa by grandkids with water guns could do damage without this safeguard. You are dealing with an electrical device after all.

The Evolv DNA 200 will let you run at as little as 1 watt or 0.5 to 9 volts with 50A maximum output. An atomizer sensor will set your temperature according to detected resistance automatically.

A preheat feature activates extra power during the time it takes for your atomizer to heat e juice to boiling point. This can take a few minutes, although heat-sensitive coils will retain that temperature for longer and become hotter at lower wattage. During this time gap you will still be able to vape.

Lofty Claim

Evolv claims that this is the most advanced controller ever made for use inside of APVs. Coming from almost anyone else, that kind of claim might not be credible, but this is Evolv we are talking about. They have already proven over and over that they can make a reliable temperature control device with numerous built-in defense mechanisms. Any applicable device will require three LiPo batteries and could be a little bit on the heavy side as a result, but batteries are getting smaller.

Buying the DNA 200

Evolv hasn’t released their newest PCB to the public yet. They opened a pre-release opportunity for “early adopters” this summer.


  • Olivia says:

    Hi, I’m moving from cigalikes to mods and was wondering is you still recommend the DNA 200? I know it’s old now, but I just want something cheap and reliable.

    • George Jones says:

      Definitely not a DNA for cheap and reliable. There are a lot of great choices, for cheap and reliable, DNA mods are more pricey, and typically people want the extra features, like temperature control etc.

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