V2Cigs EX Cartridges

I’m stoked to report about a new development over at the best e-cig brand V2Cigs!

The latest generation of pre-filled flavor cartridges are HERE!  This is the latest release by VMR Products, parent company of V2Cigs brand.  This innovating cartridge is the latest game-changing device, and I’m excited to tell you about it.

The new EX cartridges are free of any cotton filling, and they provide a “tank like” experience without all of the bulky weight a tank style cartridge maintains.  The flavor profile remains consistent throughout the vaping experience, from the first time it’s used until it runs out.

What’s really neat about the EX cartomizer is that there is a window on the side of the cartridge that tells you exactly how much e-liquid is remaining.

V2Cigs EX Cartridge Review

The internal components produce 400+ puffs of vapor smoking – that is – nearly DOUBLE what the previous generation cartridges produced!  All of this, and no extra bulk is added to the device.  This is game-changing, and it once again solidifies my recommendation of V2 as the top e-cigarette brand for 2014.

You probably wonder “What is Different about this new generation cartridge?”

Here are a few of the main things to know about the new generation V2 Cigs EX Cartridges:

  • Almost DOUBLE the lifespan of the prior generation cartridges
  • Consistent flavor profile and capability to refillable “tank style” clearomizers
  • Thick vapor and consistency throughout the vaping experience
  • No bulky added weight – a true “cig-alike” device
  • Always know where your e-liquid level is at with the open window showing you where it’s at – 24/7/365
  • Patented leak proof design

Upon first review of the V2Cigs EX Cartridge, I’m in LOVE.  This is what I’ll be using for my cig-alike product, as if there wasn’t any question about that!