Vaping Apps For Smartphones

Vaping has become such an ordinary and familiar sight that related terminology is part of general dialogue, just like vocabulary to do with Smartphones and texting (hashtag, selfie, etc). If you own a Smartphone and are comfortable with this technology, you are probably at least aware of electronic cigarettes and how much of a furor they are creating in today’s society. One thing is for sure, however: having apps for e cigs makes a lot of sense. These two inventions seem cut from the same 21st Century cloth.

SMOK X Cube II BluetoothBluetooth Vaping Products

A number of e cigs are made to operate with apps. For example, there are several Smok Bluetooth vape mods. Consumers set the watts or volts of a device and monitor battery control or puff counts using the app, not the device itself.

Some products are dual-mode: operated by app or via buttons and an OLED screen on the unit. These devices work with an iPhone or an Android smartphone. Even features can be update via app.

Vaping App Store

Your online app store sells a number of products for vapers. These apps provide a number of features, but not control features: those are the purview of mod manufacturers for obvious reasons. Instead there are numerous elements to vaping which are associated with apps.

E Liquid App

Keep a record of how much e juice you use, which brands you buy, and the amount of money you spend on e juice. This app keeps a record if you type in details regularly, enabling you to figure out a vaping budget and determine if you are staying within it.

Another app for e liquid was designed specifically for people who make their own e juice. This comes with tons of information to help the amateur mixologist; information about nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavoring, recipes, ratios, and more.

Management and Milestones

There’s more to manage with an e cig than merely your vapor juice. Batteries last around 300 recharging cycles. When you vape a mini cig, you will be replacing a pair of two batteries roughly every 4 to 6 months if you vape continuously.

Larger batteries operate for longer on a single charge but you won’t need two at a time and will get through them at about the same rate. Vape mod batteries used at high watts and low resistance need to be recharged frequently as well. Keep track of battery use and costs. Manage a budget for e liquid and accessories.

You should also use these apps to celebrate the milestones of being a vaper; important data such as how long you have been smoke-free, how much money you have saved, and more. Keep track of how long you should go before trying to wean to the next lower level of nicotine or how long since you stopped using nicotine.

Receive regular updates as to the health benefits of quitting smoking. It’s like having a personal vape trainer on your cell phone 24/7. Enjoy the encouragement these updates provide when you crave another hit of the stimulant you fought so hard to give up.


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