Vaping Tobacco vs Nicotine Liquid

Is there a difference between real tobacco and tobacco-flavored e-liquid? Will nicotine be more potent when consumed one way or the other? The scientific community is still discussing the relative dangers and potency, so it’s too early to tell if one way is safer than the other as far as nicotine volumes go. What other differences are under the microscope and what does the smoking/vaping community already know?

Vaporizers versus E Cigs

They know that tobacco and e-liquid do not taste the same. It has been a problem for some smokers that e liquid companies cannot reliably replicate the taste of tobacco in their juices. It is true in particular of companies that use artificial flavorings to make e-juice that is supposed to taste like a Marlboro, Camel, Cuban cigar, etc. Those firms that use natural tobacco extracts achieve a much more authentic flavor.

But the most authentic way to consume tobacco without smoking it is to use an herbal vaporizer. This device is loaded with actual tobacco leaves so that what you inhale is the rich, true taste of tobacco (Virginia Flue-Cured, Honey, Apple, etc.) without the taste of combustion that went with your cigarettes.

Nicotine Niggles

Although both ways can be used to facilitate nicotine addiction, e-liquid is available in a nicotine-free format. The only exception is when e liquid is made from a tobacco extract because nicotine is naturally present in tobacco leaves.

When using an herbal vaporizer, there is no option to get rid of nicotine. If you are vaporizing tobacco, nicotine will always be present.

Flavor Changeup

Another difference between the two methods of vaping is that tobacco herbs are just that, not mixed with other flavors to become unique formulae with caramel, vanilla, and so on. Nicotine liquid, however, can be blended from all kinds of flavors. This can be a blessing and a danger. While tobacco on its own is not palatable to young consumers (especially harsh types of tobacco), RY4 and fruit-style tobaccos are miles away from anything that one would find in a cigarette.

Why should this be a problem?

Surely, great taste is a positive thing. It is, but not if children believe they are vaping something harmless when in fact it contains nicotine. The issue of flavored e juice can overshadow the question of whether a product contains nicotine. Although there is usually a choice of how much nicotine one can have in his e liquid (usually no nicotine, then low values of 3 mg or 6 mg per milliliter, up to 24 mg on average), it’s still easy to forget that nicotine liquid contains a drug.

Propylene Glycol Nicotine

One thing the vaporizing public doesn’t have to worry about is propylene glycol. This ingredient has come under fire from consumers who often don’t realize they have been eating it for years and probably inhaled it at one time or another. It’s found in medicines, is used to make artificial fog for movie sets, haunted houses, and parties, and is also a food additive. Propylene glycol is known to cause allergic reactions among some vapers.

Tobacco does not contain Propylene glycol, but you have to be careful about buying products which were not exposed to chemicals.


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