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The question electronic cigarette customers are asking is whether Vapor Couture from VMR, who also makes V2 Cigs is a functional e-cig or simply fashionable. Will consumers get much vaping out of this sub-brand or use it mostly as an accessory? This Vapor Couture review should give you more information.

Face Value

On the face of it, Vapor Couture is a skinny version of mini e cigs, and you know what that means. A skinny battery is light on power and lasts a shorter time than full-sized models (150mAh says a lot). When it comes to power, Vapor Couture is fairly light. It is strong on looks, though.

Appearances are the best feature of Vapor Couture. Battery colors are deep purple, Signature, rose gold, and brushed platinum. Really, they are beautiful. The case you get with a Deluxe Starter Kit is also gorgeous and has a mirror. Consumers discovered they could hold not only cigarettes and cartomizers but also other items unrelated to vaping. It is a roomy, attractive clutch. A diamond crystal at the end glows prettily at the end of your battery.


What you get when you pay for Vapor Couture is a lot of external qualities, but not the cheapest priced kits. The two starter kits are $64.95 and $99.95 each. The second one contains two batteries, two five-packs of cartridges, a lanyard with a charm, clutch/carry case, and the two chargers. This is a little more than some kits, though you are clearly paying for the style, as you would with a Rolls Royce.


Customers who have tried Vapor Couture flavors have mixed responses. We very much enjoyed their flavors. Some say they are shallow on taste though vapor production is decent for the battery size. They come in 6 flavors: Passion Fruit, Rodeo Drive (American Tobacco), Fresh Mint, Arctic Mint, Bombshell (another Tobacco), and Strawberry Champagne.

They sell for $12.95 per five-cartridge package, and disposables are available. They only come in 1.2% nicotine and packages of 5 or 10, and there are three selections: a rose gold Passion Fruit, brushed platinum Arctic Mint, and deep purple Rodeo Drive.