Vaporshark Tests E-Liquids They Carry For Acetyl And Diacetyl

The FDA’s findings and recommendations regarding e juice and electronic cigarettes will be published in the coming months. Vapers are bracing themselves for what this regulatory body has in store.

In the meantime, some companies have taken it upon themselves to prove to the FDA and the US government that vaping communities care about consumers’ health and that they are capable of self-regulation. Businesses perform regular batch-testing, set up certified clean rooms or fully-equipped labs for making e juice.

They employ trained chemists and pharmacists to oversee operations and only use the highest quality ingredients. Many companies state such things on their websites and in promotional literature, too, but one vendor double-checked vape-makers’ promises and made an alarming discovery.

Vaporshark Tests the E Juice Waters Independently

Vaporshark carries numerous brands of e liquid including a number of top names in the business (Go here to see our top picks). Vapers are sure to recognize Cuttwood, Beard Vape Co., Omega Vape, KILO, and Alpha Vape. These are only a few: the Schwartz is becoming popular as is Boss Sauce and Cosmic Charlie’s Chalk Dust. All of these e-juice businesses make unique flavors the vaping public is willing to pay extra for. Customers didn’t know that some of their favorite blends by these brands contain diacetyl or acetyl propionyl.

What are Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetyl?

Neither of these ingredients sounds natural or appealing, yet acetyl and diacetyl are frequently used to create a buttery taste in e juice and other products. Have you ever eaten popcorn-flavored jelly beans or replaced butter with butter-flavored shortening?

You probably ate either diacetyl or acetyl, possibly acetoin instead. Diacetyl is the biggest concern here; a natural byproduct of the fermentation process which is known to cause permanent lung damage when ingested or inhaled in large enough amounts over a long enough period of time. The other two ingredients, used as substitutes, could be toxic although more study is needed. NicVape Wildside and NJOY’s Artist Collection blends were free of these offending ingredients.

Where Will a Vaper Find Diacetyl or Acetyl Propionyl?

E juice mixologists use essences and concentrated flavoring to simulate fruit, cream, tobacco, mint, anise, maple, and more. Many of their ingredients are well-known to people in the confectionery and baking communities.

The offending extracts noted above are utilized in the making of products which are supposed to taste buttery and rich. They could be cake-style, cookie-like, pastry-type, or popcorn vape juices. Many of the offending products listed by Vaporshark were creamy, milky, or custard-type e juice flavors.

Keeping Consumers Safe

Vaporshark’s actions were important to vapers as a whole. They proved that they are committed to the safety of customers, especially when one considers the tremendous cost of submitting products for testing. They also proved to the FDA that vape stores and e juice companies can be responsible.

Finally, Vaporshark turned the spotlight on their e-juice making facility. Read about and view pictures of their facility; of the care taken at Vaporshark. While wearing all the right gear and using specialist equipment in a certified clean room to a high-level of international certification, Vaporshark creates clean, safe e juice.

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