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It is easy to feel enthusiastic when the sun is shining, like it does a lot of the time in Florida. When you do not have to put mittens and a toque or shovel snow all winter long you feel positive about everything, including the vapor juice and vaping equipment found in the state. Florida is well known for its great products in both categories, but it’s not just Florida consumers who are excited about them, as this Vapor Zone review will reveal.

Get in the Zone

Consumers all over the United States love this brand of electronic cigarette. They have their reasons: a list of six models and a starter kit for each one; customizable vapor juice in thousands of potential flavors; and great customer service in the flesh and online.

Six Zones of Vapor

The half a dozen Vapor Zone models are their Express, Rebel, Pro, Air, Pulse, and Jet. An Express is first in line as your analog-style e-cig, the transitional device for smokers considering stubbing out their butts for the last time. At $29.99 it is an affordable kit with all necessary parts included.

A Pro costs $49.99, the Jet is $79.99, and a Pulse costs $119.99. Take a look at the Vapor Zone Air, a light, compact compromise between a full-sized eGo like the Pro and a mini cig like the Express. It costs $39.99 with one 350mAh battery (about 1 1/4 times that of an extra-strength mini cig battery). A cartomizer, mouthpiece, and specific USB cable are also included.

To get a sense of how good a deal the kit is, consider the parts sold separately. A battery for the Air costs $24.99 (pretty dear by the way for one this powerful, but it’s an unusual and attractive shape), $7.99 for a cartomizer (that’s the atomized tank), and $9.99 for the Air USB cable. You have not even added the wall charger and already you are over $39.99, so buying the kit means you save.

Be a Rebel with the Rebel starter kit. Just look at this sturdy piece of loveliness. The screen is easy to read. The device feels hefty enough that you know a breeze won’t blow it around. For $179.99, you get a telescopic device with a small (600mAh) battery and large (2200mAh) battery plus a Dual Head Cartomizer. With its charging device, this is worth the price and has garnered a fantastic reception from vaping experts and customers.

The Pulse is worth a note here for lots of reasons, but just look at the charger. It comes with a USB and wall adaptor, but there is also a circular charger in the kit. It is wireless and acts as a stand/launch pad. You’ll like just looking at it.

Juice from Vapor Zone

Another thing Vapor Zone is well known for in the vaping industry is its massive selection of juices. Because you can customize them there are literally 30,000 possibilities. While this might blow your mind, stop and break this down into categories. There are top blends, customer blends, tobacco, menthol, dessert, fruit, and a miscellaneous section of flavors. Choose nicotine strength from zero to 3.6%. Take Fresh Mint, for instance. Select nicotine and how many flavor shots you want, and if you like, combine it with something else: apple, for instance. A 30ml bottle costs $14.99. Try Frozen Banana, Decadent Dip (strawberry and chocolate), or maybe Choco-nut.

Become an Affiliate

If you really like Vapor Zone (and you probably will), you’ll like them even more when you discover a way to use vaping as a pathway to earning money. Since you already enjoy using Vapor Zone products, it only stands to reason you will be recommending the brand to people you like; people who want to try vaping for the first time, or associates who are fed up with buying useless garbage from inferior vendors. Show them the way to a new experience by recommending Vapor Zone. Set up an account and get paid for being a good friend.