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The Brand

The latest versions of Volcano E Cigs are out and they look fabulous on the company’s newly revamped web page. Little has changed about the site really, except the way their three models are presented as soon as you hit the home page. They are much shinier, bigger, show up better, and are more appealing than before. Colors are vibrant. Features are clear.

Volcano EcigsVolcano E-Cigs Review: the Basics

Volcano has been around long enough that most vapers who have been at it for a while are familiar with the name. Theirs is one that has received a lot of media attention, both good and bad.

Volcano does not always reach the top of the vaping charts, but partly that is because of some customer service issues at physical shops.

Yet, certain customers have also argue that Volcano products are poorly made and not worth the money.

Some of these comments reflect experiences with earlier versions of Volcano electronic cigarettes. Maybe their new editions will change the company’s reputation.


Volcano’s products are pretty decent! The Magma is their mini electronic cigarette, the beginner’s vape. It comes in black or white with a PCC: a noteworthy addition to be sure. A lot of vapers look for this item specifically when browsing starter kits for mini e cigs.

The Lavatube 2.5 is a new version of their best seller available in 10 rainbow color choices or a few solid shades. This is a variable voltage/variable wattage item.

The Inferno is a Bottom Coil Tank (BCT) system. Its battery lasts up to 12 hours and comes in 5 colors. A starter kit arrives with a BCT, chrome drip tip, and three extra 1.8ohm heating coils. Two batteries are inserted inside the kit’s attractive box: one with 650mAh, the other 900mAh (both pass through models), making the whole unit longer or shorter as you prefer.

This model is designed to last a full day on one charge. A 15ml bottle of e liquid is also included in the variety of your choice. A new BCT system can be purchased separately as well.

Volcano’s extensive range of flavors beats out all other competition, at least for selection variation, and only as far as mini cig companies are concerned. Volcano produces various levels of nicotine power in fruits, desserts, coffee, etc.

The New BCT

One comment about the new Bottom Coil Tank for an Inferno is that it works much better than the old system. It is easier to fill now that there is no cartomizer, just a tank and separate atomizer.

Volcano Locations

Volcano shops or kiosks are situated in three U.S. cities: Aiea and Ala Moana in Hawaii, and Antioch in California. Their product range is pretty good, though prices are on the high side, especially considering none of their advanced models are better than Joye, Kanger, or other reliable brands.

Some clients believe a Volcano model works great for a little while, which is partly due to the advancing needs and expectations of vapers growing out of the Inferno or LavaTube and into high-tech or boutique mechanical mods.

The Antioch store is the best-rated among all three, except that many comments are out-dated. More recent anecdotes refer to customer service that needs tweaking, while old staff was wonderful.

The Aiea shop has received plenty of pitiful comments online, particularly because of line-ups. There is little anyone can do about being this popular; line-ups are a sign of popularity. Perhaps clients are saying they would like to see more employees at this location. Most associates are patient enough when not facing a huge queue.

There is always some disparity in reviews about both Aiea and Ala Moana, as though it depends on when you visit. Some clients are not concerned about lineups so long as they are served by particular people and not others. Customer service at Ala Moana is usually great. At Aiea, this is not the experience.

Official Website: https://www.volcanoecigs.com