What is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Sub Ohm vaping is one of the latest trends in the electronic cigarette/vapor product industry.

VaporFi™ Volt Hybrid TankWhat Exactly is Sub Ohm Vaping?

Technical answer: vaping with an ohm resistance below 1.0 (anything 0.99 ohms or lower).

In Layman’s terms?

This isn’t an easy answer to give, so we hope to answer this as clearly and directly as possible.

You’re essentially operating your device on more power.

To put it in layman’s terms, the lower the ohm resistance reading (such as 0.9, or 0.8), the more current is being sent through your device, specifically the atomizer, and it translates to increased power (voltage/wattage) flowing through, and the lower the ohm resistance, the greater the power, and the power starts increasing exponentially as the ohm resistance decreases.

Average ohm resistance is roughly 2.5 ohms on your typical vaping device.

This in turn obviously creates more heat than usual (being that more power is being released from the power source, the battery), and will in turn drain the battery faster, heat up the vapor more etc., and thus, this should be done by someone who knows what they’re doing.

In Not So Layman’s Terms

So basically, when you have lower ohm resistance, such as 0.8 ohms, or 0.5 ohms, your device has more power (wattage or voltage) going through it. The lower the ohms resistance, the more volts or watts. Though it is not a simple linear explanation, as how volts, amps and watts relate to each other.

How to determine the exact amount of wattage, voltage or amperage becomes a little complex, as it involves algebraic formulas depending on which unit is being measured, and typically each is inversely proportional to the other one, or to the square of the other one, and other algebraic relations to each other, which basically translates to power exponentially increasing as the ohm resistance decreases.

Check out these calculations here if you want to see how to determine each unit.

What’s The Purpose?

To create bigger clouds of vapor and to create preferred flavors.


Many say this is something that could be dangerous in inexperienced hands. You can probably guess at this point, since by lowering the ohms, you are lowering the resistance, which allows more power (watts) to flow through, therefore creating more heat both within the battery, as well as the atomizer, that this could have its dangers (such as destroying the battery, or even making it explode), and causing damage to your device.

Please be aware of the amp rating of your battery to make sure you are operating safely.

This is a debated topic, and if you’d like to read a more expansive post about whether sub ohm vaping is dangerous, check out this post on the e cig forum. The answer to the question of if it is dangerous is a bit hazy.

The introductory statement is that ‘the ECF does not find it dangerous‘, and then soon after it is followed by mention of an instance where a device exploded, and how ‘it seems lucky no one was hurt‘, and then later on it states how ‘if you attend a cloud contest, you could consider standing away from the contestants as they cloud chase, so as to stay safe“.

So it seems that like many activities, it is safe with correct knowledge, and things can happen in inexperienced hands.

Bottom Line

If you are reading this to gather information, be careful, and know what you are doing. Under the correct set up, and proper use, you will be good. If you don’t know what you’re doing, be sure you get the right parts and use them as suggested. There are a number of factors to consider in this, and we aren’t going to attempt to suggest all the best practices, but rather set out to explain what sub ohm vaping is.



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