Where You Can Buy E Cigarettes

You can purchase electronic cigarettes in many of your local convenience stores and gas stations. Some major retailers are also starting to carry them, such as Wal-Mart and Walgreens.

They carry a couple of brands such as Logic, Blu Cigs and NJOY. Some places have just disposables, and you may also find starter kits in some locations.

Where Do We Recommend You Buy E-Cigarettes?

If you suddenly want to try them now, we’ll recommend NJOY of the brands out in most stores.

But before you leave your computer…

We suggest getting a basic starter kit from one of the top brands we recommend:

V2 Cigs – Our review – Their Website: http://v2cigs.com

South Beach Smoke – Our review – Their Website: http://southbeachsmoke.com

Green Smoke – Our review – Their Website: http://greensmoke.com

For Upgraded/Modded E-Cigs or Advanced Personal Vaporizers

Vaporfi – Our review – Their Website: http://vaporfi.com

Also you can get a disposable from the other companies to try more than one for an extra $5-$10!


E-Cigs In The Coming Year

The history of e-cigs begins with hope: that a man could quit smoking and prevent further death caused by cigarettes. His background as a pharmacist gave the inventor of e-cigs insight into the nicotine replacement industry and he saw what was lacking: the ritualistic movements of smoking. Being a smoker himself, it all became clear: a non-tobacco, ash-free alternative had to be the next step.

More than a Decade Later

Electronic cigarettes are now part of the culture, openly acknowledged and recognizable by the majority of westerners who, 5 years ago, didn’t know what an e-cig or vaping were. In those five years much has happened. Various groups argue about the dangers of vaping but also the way e-cigs have helped smokers end a habit spanning five, ten, and even forty years.

Controversy is good for business, providing advertisement and encouraging conversation, but there is a possibility that electronic cigarettes will be regulated so strictly they are no longer a practical means of nicotine replacement for the average consumer. Their prices might be too high or accessibility too restricted.


Right now, vapers and store owners wait anxiously for news of how the FDA will approach this business. Some of their concerns are also legitimate: that e cigs are potentially encouraging young people and non-smokers to try a smoking-like behavior. In so doing, they might be introduced to nicotine, a stimulant linked to heart problems in many, though not as frightening or toxic as cigarette smoke.

One should also recognize that the FDA has formerly removed items from shelves which have posed a potential threat to consumers. Their purpose is not to control the US consumer but to protect.

Even if their perspective needs enlightening at times, they are not all bad. The only trouble is that, similar to arguments that oil industries have choked out the potential for alternative, safer sources of fuel, tobacco companies might be trying to strangle the life out of electronic cigarettes by influencing regulatory bodies.

Into 2015

Proof is needed to start laying blame or leveling accusations at any industry or body, so in the meantime one can hope that e-cigs will continue to be manufactured and that US citizens will have access to them. Even with uncertainty in the air, there are loads of brands circulating and some relatively new competition. The prognosis for this industry doesn’t look at all bad if all you see is choice.

Moving forward, though, a number of companies are redirecting their efforts into eGo-style delivery methods and away from mini cigs. Either they are paring down the number of mini cig choices on their menu or selection of higher-level vaping equipment is increasing.

Some new brands put a lot of their energy into the bigger format and selling e liquids. Platinum Puffs is an e hookah device; a brand for which there is no such thing as a cigalike. Atlantic Cigs launched a mini cig but their emphasis is on the bigger device with several tank options. Apollo once carried two starter kits but now only offers one kit and just two flavors of cartomizers as opposed to a former list of choices.

A number of e-cig firms are fading into obscurity as VaporFi, South Beach Smoke, and V2 Cigs develop vaporizers and cross over into the herbal market. You hardly ever hear of Bull Smoke, BluCigs, or 21st Century Smoke anymore.


This points to another unfolding trend: aligning e-cigs with herbal delivery. VaporFi, Eonsmoke, and others carry products for use with plants and concentrates. Whole other areas of study are required to ascertain the relative safety of these substances vs. cigarette smoke, although dry herb vapor is considered safer than smoke.

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