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Hardly anything bad could possibly come up during a White Cloud review. Personal tastes differ, and of course some people will say flavors are yucky or the draw is too stiff or something. From this writer’s perspective, however, White Cloud Electronic Cigarettes has covered all ground, and done it better than most.

A Quick Overview

White Cloud sells disposable e-cigs called Fling and Fling Minis. They sell several starter kits, each of them titled “Cirrus.” Their accessories are excellent, even a little bit different. White Cloud sells its products online and in some U.S. states such as Florida, Pennsylvania, and Ohio. The brand has been featured in the media: Better Living, Forbes, Tampa Bay Business Journal, and CNBC. White Brand has also won some awards.

Their e-cigs resemble analog cigarettes, being about the same size with a soft tip. The big difference is how they make you feel. E-cigarette consumers who once smoked rediscover what it means to breathe deeply, to taste food and drink, and to be able to exercise. They no longer walk beneath a cloud of shame or a bad smell.

White Cloud’s internet theme of white and rich blue will remind visitors to the site of blue skies filled with vapor (clouds) and the immediate air filled with e-cig vapor (not smoke clouds). There is an exceptional range of nicotine levels here. You can maintain your usual nicotine level and get the regular fix you expect or reduce to nothing slowly.

Details: Disposables

At White Cloud, disposables warrant a full two pages and fill them easily. Whereas a number of disposable electronic cigarettes from competitors are only available in one style, White Cloud sells numerous flavors and carries them all in two sizes.

One is the Fling. It measures 4.5 inches in length, 1cm around, weights 10grams, and provides about 400 puffs according to the site. Their Mini Fling measures 3.25 inches, is 0.6cms around, weighs only 6 grams, and will give you about 150 puffs. They cost $5.95 and $3.95 each, respectively, or can be purchased in bulk and wholesale.

Among flavors are Espresso, Cinnamon, Vanilla, Strawberry, Peach, Lime and coconut, and Kick. Each product displays customer reviews beneath. Judging by the variety of stars and comments, they are probably authentic.

The Zero K is a style of tobacco/menthol disposable which sounds like it contains no nicotine. It does, just so you know.

White Cloud gives customers a lot more choice than they might be used to. They can spend as much or as little as they want up front and select from numerous flavors.

Starter Kits

Starting with Cirrus 2, the first and cheapest one ($39.95), customers receive two batteries right off the bat.

White Cloud Cirrus II Starter Kit

No messing around with a pocket-sized blister pack. Five cartridges, a USB charger, and the standard 6-month warranty are also included. Optional extras are listed below the spot where you choose cartridge flavor and strength.

The Cirrus 3 costs $69.96 for three batteries, 5 cartridges, an AC adaptor, and a wonderful creation called the Squid Charger. This is a multi-USB charger, so both of your spare batteries and more can be charging while you vape your current battery down to almost nothing.

No one else seems to have one of these on their shelves, or at least their online shelves; it is a phenomenal innovation. With each battery, you select a color and shade of LED light. These are sold apart from starter kits under “accessories.”

Those are just two of the 5 Cirrus Starter Kits from White Cloud and pricing is excellent. Kits are good value for money and contain unique products.

Speaking of unique, White Cloud has come up with Clear Vapor (your usual type of white cloud) and Invisi-Vapor, which is apparently invisible.

Pre-filled Vapor Cartridges

Invisi-Vapor cartridges are priced below Clear Draw 5-packs: $7.95 vs. $9.95 on sale. They are available as light, full, extra, and double-extra “cigarettes,” and the Clear Draw variety comes in all the flavors offered under the heading “disposables.”

White Cloud Cartridges

Invisi-Vapor is not exactly invisible, but vapor is seriously reduced. This type of cartridge is only sold in packs of tobacco or menthol. Retailers carrying these products in pubs or shops would purchase in bulk, thus saving money so they can markup products without being ridiculous.

Play the Game

“The Fling a Friend Game” from White Cloud is a round-about way of getting people to refer their friends. You do it through Facebook, where referring a friend gets you a prize: a coupon for White Cloud products. It’s a bit silly: the usual way works fine.

An affiliate program helps you to turn a habit into money. White Cloud also tries to be green with its battery recycling program.

Accessories from White Cloud

So many batteries cost too much because of their decoration. They could be cheaper batteries, work great, and still be beautiful with the simple addition of a vapor jacket which comes off and goes onto the next battery. White Cloud is onto a 10th series of seven patterns.

Vapor Jackets

The current series features the red crocodile, zigzags, turtles, red butterflies, a sunflower, pipes, and multicolored dots in circles. Each is completely distinct from the other. Although you eventually become tired of them, batteries also run out of steam. Maybe series 11 will come along just as you invest in more batteries from White Cloud.

Clambshell Cases for holding your e-cig batteries and cartridges are sold in so many shades you will have a hard time stopping at one. They cost $13.95 right now, a special rate. It pays to return to a site every few weeks to check for sales, although signing up for their newsletter or email alerts is another way to get that kind of news.

Where to Find White Cloud

Apart from their secure, sophisticated internet sales site, White Cloud sells their goods at shopping malls, supermarkets, smoke shops, and convenience stores. You can also find them on Google, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook if you want to learn more about new distributors, find out about becoming a distributor, or just to learn about sales and new products.