Who Sells E-Cigs To Minors Under The Age Of 18?

This post is going to be more of a rant, than an informational piece, since I just have to get this off my chest.

Who Sells Electronic Cigarettes To Youth?

Whomever it is, ARE YOU STUPID?

I find it hard to believe there is anyone who intentionally allows underage individuals to purchase nicotine products from them. I have yet to go into a store that doesn’t have e-cigs, hookahs and anything related behind the counter along with tobacco cigarettes and cigars.

I think that is just common sense. Not only because it just makes sense, but along with that, anyone this day and age that intentionally allows underage people to buy nicotine products is putting a HUGE target on themselves to be attacked by a plethora of people from all types of areas.

I find it hard to believe there are any places that just blatantly allow this, because everyone knows they are like cigarettes, and only someone who has lived under a rock would intentionally sell tobacco to someone under 18.

That being said, this brings me to the next point…

Who Believes Electronic Cigarettes Are Being Sold To Youth?

Whomever it is, ARE YOU STUPID?

Now, I apologize for calling you STUPID if a place that sells e-cigs to minors actually exists, but I find that hard to believe, even if there aren’t ‘laws that forbid it‘.

But come on people, who would do that?

Why Did I Post This?

Because I am sick of seeing the fact that laws apparently do not forbid minors from purchasing vapor products, and this ends up being a major influential point in all sorts of debates, and it seems individuals aren’t really thinking this through, as in, when was the last time you saw a store with e-cigs next to Tootsie Roll Pops and Big League Chew?

Me either!

Anyways… I know people who are in this industry, and they are great people, trying to offer a service, many times because they received benefits, but when there are national headlines making electronic cigarette retailers look like a bunch of idiots selling e-cigs to your children, this doesn’t help anyone, and it hurts and scares people in this industry, all of whom have the exact same guidelines to restrict minors as does the local convenience store with cigarettes.

So How Do We Stop The Youth From Getting E-Cigarettes?


Unless your brain went into a coma, and you forgot your entire educational experience, find me a teenager who wasn’t able to get their hands on a cigarette if they wanted to. You know it’s true, if you attended high school any time before 2008 (when e-cigs were released).

Anyways, just had to say something on this topic, and now I feel a little better.

If you do know of a store that openly allows minors, below the age of 18, then I apologize for possibly insulting you, and leave a comment. I highly doubt we will receive any comments about that, but I figure, since there are major publications stating how we need to make the age restriction happen, maybe some people actually believe that because of this innuendo, there must be stores selling e-cigs to the kids on their way home from soccer practice.

Duh, of course they aren’t! And of course, if Bobby and Sarah want to find a way to get a cigarette, or electronic cigarette, they will, just as they always have been able to find a way.

But these ‘LAWS THAT SUPPOSEDLY ALLOW IT’, have nothing to do with that, obviously!

Hoping to see some more informative articles on the subject, and more positive ones, since there are plenty of positive points that are not highlighted nearly as often (of course because they get much less of a reaction out of people, since boring news doesn’t sell).

OK, that’s it. As I wrote that, in a tone I don’t normally use on this site, or in public at all, lol, I remembered a video I had seen by someone named Greg Gutfield about e-cigs. He goes a little more into the name calling, but with a sharp, witty sense of humor, he makes some interesting points:



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