Why Do Vapers Love Vaping So Much?

No one ever saw it coming. E cigs have taken over from cigarettes in such a significant way that cigarette manufacturers are becoming edgy. What will become of the old-fashioned cigarette; the cancer stick that the world has come to revile?

Even though they know smoking is bad for them, smokers can’t give them up, so they have turned to e cigs in droves. Why do vapers love vaping so much? What makes them so passionate about electronic cigarettes, willing to give money to the cause of promoting and researching e cigs so that the American government will allow this hobby to continue?

Visit a Vaping Event

Although the big events only happen once a year, there are lots of small vaping events going on around the United States year-round where one can visit with and talk to vapers and business owners. These individuals say many of the same things about e cigs when asked why they vape.

Talk to Vapers

Their reasons usually start with the fact that they are not smoking cigarettes anymore. That’s the plain, simple, number one reason to vape. When a smoker finds out that he can still enjoy nicotine and continue with the hand-to-mouth movement he has become reliant on, his life changes for the better. A lot of individuals stated that they had tried other methods to quit smoking, but nothing worked until e cigs came out. Then, quitting was easy: they couldn’t believe how short a time it took to ditch their cigarettes.

(It is important to note, that electronic cigarettes are not accepted as smoking cessation devices. These are just references from testimonials, such as from the people in the video below, and the reasons they stated, though vaping hasn’t been around long enough for extensive research to deem any concrete conclusions in the health impacts, nor has there been conclusive research in whether they are accepted as smoking cessation devices. At the time of this writing, there are many studies being conducted around the globe to determine accurate findings in these areas and so if you are looking quit smoking, you’ll find some nice resources at: smokefree.gov)

Life Changing

How does a smoker’s life change? He smells better or ceases to smell of anything at all. Some claim that their breathing is even and that they now can hold a conversation without breaking off to cough half-way through. They aren’t spitting phlegm into a tissue every ten minutes. Their teeth are not grey, their fingers aren’t yellow, and their breath is nicer, maybe even fruity or minty as opposed to the smell of tobacco smoke.

A lot of vapers felt that they were aging too fast when they smoked. Everyone knows that smoking seems to visibly speed up the aging process, and vapers are optimistic that it won’t quite be the case with these alternatives. Many feel certain this will be the case, and time will tell.

Apart from Just Not Smelling Like An Ashtray

There were more reasons to switch to e cigs, less dramatic ones which did not refer to what had stopped happening but to new opportunities. Vapers get to enjoy thousands of flavors; smoker can choose tobacco or menthol. Even if there are lots of tobacco styles out there, they ultimately taste like something you lit on fire. There is so much more choice.

A few people will tell you honestly how much money they used to spend on cigarettes. Once they quit there was no comparison: e cigs are much cheaper. With e cigs they were finally permitted to take “smoking” breaks indoors instead of being kicked out into the cold or the heat.

Another benefit of being a vaper is the cool equipment. Much of it looks so stunning and advanced; even futuristic. Mechanical mods are shiny, sturdy, Jedi lasers. Using these becomes a new hobby for a lot of people, even a business.

Socially Stimulating

Even better, vapers meet other vapers. They wind up joining a community of like-minded people. Images from a recent convention showed people from their early twenties into their 60’s, some bespectacled, some wearing crosses, many with tattoos and facial piercings, all mingling and sharing their love of e cigs. Vaping has brought people together from diverse communities; people who want the world to know what vaping has done for them.

Here’s a cool video on why some people enjoy vaping:


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